RIVET Rewards

All About RIVET Coffee Rewards

As a thank you for our loyal customers we have started a Rewards program. 
There are lots of ways you can earn Beans.

You can Click on the rewards widget to the lower right anywhere on the site.

RIVET Rewards

Earn Beans by:

  • Signing up for Rewards  = 200 Beans
  • Referring a Friend = 500 Beans 
  • Reviewing your Purchases = 100 Beans
  • Place an Order - Every $1 Spent = 10 Beans
  • Liking RIVET on Facebook = 50 Beans
  • Sharing RIVET on Facebook = 50 Beans
  • Following RIVET on Instagram = 50 Beans
  • Recurring Subscriptions Every $1 Spent = 10 Beans


  • Every 100 Beans gets you $1 off your favorite RIVET Coffee and Gear. 
  • 500 Beans can be redeemed for $5 off a new or existing subscription shipment


So more coffee lovers find RIVET,  and we can reward our loyal customers for sharing RIVET with their friends and family.  We have created a very generous referrals program.  Your friends gets $5 off their purchase and you get 500 Beans for each friend in rewards after they checkout.  In the RIVET Rewards Widget you will see a link you can share with your friends via email, facebook, twitter etc.   


It's very important to us you love the coffee we craft for you.  So you can now share your feedback with us and fellow coffee lovers!  To thank you for your time and feedback,  you will earn 100 Beans each of your reviews.    


Start Earning Points Now!