About Us

Rivet Coffee Bar and Roastery is owned by Allie Commons and managed by her newly married daughter-in-law, Caroline Commons. 

Allie dreamed of owning a coffee shop as a teen. Having worked in a small retail shop that featured an espresso machine and sold bulk coffees (decades before the big corporate coffee businesses moved in), Allie fell in love with the connection coffee brings to people.  Getting to know someone and being a part of their daily routine held such an appeal to Allie that it stuck with her for three decades! Through personal battles with cancer, other careers, and raising her family, the dream of creating a cafe remained close to her heart.  With her children grown and through meeting like-minded individuals, Allie's dream of building a specialty coffee shop was no longer on the back burner. Through hard work and dedication during the most unlikely of times to start a business (a worldwide pandemic!), the foundation was laid, or in this case, renovated. A quaint little house in Westfield, Indiana was transformed into a community hub. The day-to-day serving of others began and the dream which materialized is known as Rivet Coffee Bar and Roastery.

All of our employees also share the basic desire to make connections through coffee and serve the community with positive interactions and outlooks.  Our employees treat each other and our customers like family.  Please stop in and experience the positive vibe that is Rivet Coffee Bar & Roastery.

Rivet gang celebrating Caroline & Mitch's wedding day:

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