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Basecamp Dark Roast Single Origin Coffee

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New Year, New Roast, New Name! Rivets' Sumatra Single Origin is now darker with a new name. Our Basecamp Dark Roast is meant to evoke those early mornings when the classic coffee flavor is needed to warm up a cold body. Taken to just after second crack maintaining single origin complexity joined with robust dark roast flavor. It's a smooth and satisfying full bodied cup with hints of dark cherry.

Origin: Sumatra
Region: Aceh
Farm: Various smallholder farmers
Roast Level: Dark
Altitude: 1300 - 1650 masl
Processing Method: Wet-Hulled

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Hannah McBride
Deep, Rich Flavor

Sumatra is well balanced, low acidic and extremely smooth. The flavor is complex and layered. First sip earthy and robust, followed by a delicate cherry hint, lastly a lovely chocolate finish.