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Decaf, Colombia | Sugar Cane Process Coffee

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Decaf Colombia - Great Tasting Sugar Cane Process Whole Bean Coffee

This is a decaf that is really worth drinking! Yeah I said it...  I've sampled a lot of decafs to try to find one worthy of RIVET and this one is it. It's not decaffeinated with chemicals like most. It uses a natural process called Sugar Cane that uses fermented Sugar Cane to flush the caffeine out of the bean. The sugar cane not only decaffeinates the beans, it adds a bit of sweetness to make for a delightful cup of coffee in the evening after dinner. I, like most coffee snobs, would turn my nose up at even the mention of decaf, but this one changed my mind.    

Country: Colombia
Farm: Various farms
Roast Level: Light
Altitude: 900–1200 masl
Processing Method: Natural, Sugar Cane Process Decaffeinated

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All Rivet coffee is great.